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We are Home Brewers who also build custom home brewing equipment. and look up BrewSteel on Facebook. You can see some of our designs at the bottom of this board as well as sprinkled throughout. We encourage anyone interested in crafting homebrew to explore and have fun. We enjoy the brew culture, others who brew and those who drink the brew....

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10 Easy Ways To Improve Your Home Brewed Beer

West Coast Brewer - Homebrewing Beer - Homebrewing - Home Brewers Blog is a website dedicated to the craft of home beer brewing. Here you will find everything from home brewing beer recipes, reviews on homebrew hardware, promo codes and coupon codes and how to guides on home brewing hardware modifications and beer brewing techniques.

making Hard Pear Cider


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Making hard apple cider.

Home Brew Hard Cider From Scratch

Home Brew Hard Cider From Scratch: Note (8/30/2016): It's hard to believe it has been almost a decade since I first published this Instructable, and I am continually amazed by how active of a resource it remains for many first-time cider brewers. This is a great community of makers a…

hops are fast-growing vines that look great

Hop Bines in Bonnefont Cloister | The Medieval Garden Enclosed | The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Spent grain flour how-to (bread, English muffins, pancakes, cookies...

How to Make Spent Grain Flour

How to Make Spent Grain Flour: So you're a budding all-grain homebrewer, and you just brewed a smooth amber ale, or perhaps a heavy oatmeal stout. Now you have several pounds of spent grain leftover. What do you do with it? It seems like such a waste to toss out all that grain wh…

Love hops!!

Love hops!!

Prohibition beer and women.

Prohibition beer and women.

TIG welding with filler rod

TIG welding with filler rod

The name CARL stands for the world-renown custom-fabricator of artisan distilling, mashing and brewing equipment, working in copper and stainless steel.     In CARL’s family-owned and newly expanded fabrication facility near the high-tech and automotive center of Stuttgart, Germany, two venerable CARL family companies are now united under the same roof:     CARL    is celebrating over 140 years in the fine art of distillery technology,   as Germany’s oldest distillery fabricator since 1869,

CARL Artisan Distilleries and Brewing Systems

artisan distillery equipment and services, artisan distilling workshops, continuous distillery systems, craft and regional brewing systems

TIG Welding action shot

TIG Welding action shot

Lock 27 Brewing Construction Final  1.5 BBl Fully Automated, Computerized, Wash Down Touch Screen & Keyboard, Dump unit with electric cable winch

Lock 27 Brewing Construction Final 1.5 BBl Fully Automated, Computerized, Wash Down Touch Screen & Keyboard, Dump unit with electric cable winch

Guzzling 9,000 Years Of History With 'The Comic Book Story Of Beer'

Guzzling 9,000 Years Of History With 'The Comic Book Story Of Beer'

A new illustrated history explores beer's journey from the cradle of agriculture, to the rise and fall of Ancient Rome, to the modern-day craft beer heyday.

Multiple welds!

Welcome to Integrated Manufacturing Technologies

IMT, IMT International

Scott Van Campen/Mark Zappasodi, Brewing As Art. 2010. -   Brewing as Art was built to be a fully functional, mobile, Steampunk inspired, brewing machine. There are no pumps or the need for external power sources, all of the liquid is transferred using gravity. The sculpture was built to mash the two art forms of steel sculpture and beer making together, as well as celebrate the rich history of the beer brewing industry in Staten Island a century ago.


From Broadway to Rockaway, Pelham to Freshkills, 8.2 million people call New York City home. On the occasion of New York Design Week, Core77 takes a moment to survey the landscape of all five boroughs with an open call to designers to represent their hometown