Saskatchewan, Canada

The 'prairie province' of Canada, Saskatchewan has an total area of square miles. The territory is liberally dotted by lakes, reservoirs and rivers. Major cities of this region include Regina, Prince Alb


It takes a hardy disposition and an even hardier car battery, or a good sense of humour to live in a Saskatchewan winter.

Only in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

This is what Moose Jaw looked like when I visited. Love the crossing sign :-)

CPR  Station in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan.

Divided Back Postcard CPR Station Moose Jaw, SK Canada Saskatchewan

Postcard 12727: Main Street, Moose Jaw, SK. (c1947)

Postcard 12727: Main Street, Moose Jaw, SK. (c1947)

Moose jaw

"Driver carries less than 50 cash and is fully naked." I feel this would be a sufficient deterrent to robbery.