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Noelene Ball
As we fast approach winter, why not spend an afternoon in the garden or park collecting all the wonderful things that nature presents us with. Explore the textures, colours and smell of each of the findings with your little ones... a multi-sensory activity :)

Pre-school Play

Activities and ideas to support learning through play in the early years.

Reggio:  Collections

Reggio Inspired: Collections

Here are snapshots of 'collections' from several different Reggio Inspired classrooms. Enjoy! Pictured taken in a Reggio Inspired Educare classroom. Photo taken at Rosa Parks Preschool. I love the idea of using those old divided boxes for little collections. I am uncertain where this was taken - perhaps Colorado. Sorting natural material into baskets and wooden boxes is so beautiful. How glorious is this?! Embroidery threads sorted in rainbow ordered boxes. Photo taken at Rosa Parks…

patterning with natural materials

patterning with natural(ish) materials

I was just reading Dialogue with Places , a Reggio Children Publication . I was inspired by the way they organized the materials for the chi...

Add nature props like sticks to enhance play in the #Block Area of a #Creative_Curriculum for #Preschool classroom.

Block Play

Our block area is a very well used area of our classroom and is constantly evolving. I try to keep the materials on offer open ended and where possible natural. Here are a few things we currently have in our block play area... And some of the children's creations... Dinosaurs Houses & Castles There are clip boards and paper, pencils and black markers available to the children and I encourage them to design what they are going to build. This has proven particularly useful when a group of…

natural containers

nature on display.

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Playing with Clay: Reggio Emilia and Occupational Therapy for Preschoolers

It’s Not Just a Stick: A Simple Nature Table

Did you know you could get tie drawers? I didn’t! I guess maybe snazzy businessmen might….I came across this tie drawer and thought it would make the perfect nature table; open and accessible…

Natural materials for our nature and building areas.

Passionately Curious Educators: Connecting Lifelong Learners

A blog about a Full Day Kindergarten classroom that is Reggio Inspired.

Passionately Curious: Learning in a Reggio Inspired Kindergarten Environment: Setting the Stage

Setting the Stage

We have been thinking about the way that we put out provocations. On another wonderful blog, I noticed that they put out black pieces of fabric/felt and then natural objects on top of them. This really causes the materials set out to "pop" out. The children were drawn in to sketch on black paper with pastels. -Tracy

let the children play: learning spaces in reggio emilia inspired preschools

learning spaces in reggio emilia inspired preschools

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The Benefits of Using Natural Clay in Preschool

The Benefits of Using Natural Clay in Preschool

The Philosophy: Clay stimulates the child’s curiosity. Intelligence, imagination, and creativity are engaged and fostered. Many new neurons and synapses in the brain are being generated when a child is engaged by the immediate tactile and visual feedback provided by clay. -Marvin Bartel, Ed D. Read Full Article: Clay for Toddlers and Preschoolers: How and Why Pumpkins designed by a 4 year old girl. The "Real" Experience: Let me be honest for a minute. When I saw the box filled with a HUGE…

preschools using nature as new playground equipment

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