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Peppermint Rose Drops | Small Animal Treat & Avian Tea
This oat-free treat is perfect for rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rats and other small animals. Not only is this the perfect bite-sized delight, but it also has natural vitamins and minerals that helps reduce gas and boosts the small animal's respiratory system. These 'drops' can also be enjoyed by our avian friends as a 'tea' when combined with hot water! - Like a sugar free tea bomb!
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Organic Rose Avian Tea, Sugar-Free Botanical Tea Drops, Handmade & Organic by NoFurriesDelights
These avian tea "drops" are made with organic rose petals. No added sugar, colouring or any filler ingredients! Handmade to bring happiness to your avian friends with these healthy treat. Simply add hot water to the drop and it should make a rose-infused "tea" for your pet birds.