I don't even

Canadians’ Secret

Never not re pin. Hilarious what happens to Canadian on Canada day humor funny picture. I'm dying.

Lake Louise, Canada - Jet Setter: The Coolest Honeymoon Destinations of 2014

Jet Setter: The Coolest Honeymoon Destinations of 2014

Summer trip Lake Louise, Canada - Jet Setter: The Coolest Honeymoon Destinations of 2014

Love it ❤️

"I'm tired and I'm hungry and my tail's froze. and my nose is froze and my ears are froze. And my toes are froze." - One hundred and one Dalmatians


Where Nintendo got its inspiration…

or church, or work, or ya know, Liquor laws *Our lounge opened up at 5am*

Hockey is more important…

this is not an exaggeration. during the Olympics the whole school gathers for the games, more than once. I remember in math class i show up and its the canadian hockey team finals and we were all cool with watching the hockey game instead of doing math

I normally avoid this topic, but I couldn't help myself. This was funny!

Return policy…Return policy…

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Meanwhile in…

My favorite is Sweden with the cats they really look like they are dancing too < Germany and Ireland though.

Hahaha yup!

April means ice cream, no matter what…

Do you like to eat ice-cream sitting in your favorite in winter? Do you tremendous joy from snowflakes that touch your eyelashes? Tell about your during winter outings with ice-cream.

Car! we all know this from a drive around the neighborhood.

More like being the road hockey players and having to move over and over again. The players do it though, uncomplaining and quickly too.

This song makes me cry like a baby...every Remembrance Day does.

Growing up, this song's music video was played at all of our school remembrance's day (Canadian veterans day) ceremonies.