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This handy infographic takes a look at what types of technologies students are using, what types of special needs students have, and some interesting information on what some of the popular technologies are.

Technology in Special Education: See how technology gives disabled students new opportunities in education and the emerging challenge for the American educational system in terms of budgeting and funding.

Empower English Language Learners with Tools from the Web

Empower English Language Learners with Tools from the Web great website that allows you to pick the language you specifically are working with and create helpful tools for the classroom

SmartEdTech - Technology Solution for Special Education

SmartEdTech empowers special education professionals to design, deliver and track their special education programs on tablets.

Screenshot of keystrokes in action

KeyStrokes Keyboard is an on screen keyboard for Mac computers that has a dwell clicking feature that works system wide. The program learns the typing style of the user.

Sip/Puff User

Sip and Puff Switch can be used to access speech generating devices, environmental control systems, other devices designed for switch scanning, and more.

3 Color Mini Keyboard

Fentek carries a diverse selection of Illuminated Keyboard and Backlit Keyboards for your consideration. We can provide a keyboard with Illumination, backlighting, multimedia functionality, and even water resistance.

Kidboard keyboard

Kidboard keyboard