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Anvil Stand - - Sourcing Materials & Construction - The Best Welding Projects Examples, Tips & Tricks

Anvil Stand - Pt.1 - Sourcing Materials & Construction

Anvil Stand - Pt.1 - Sourcing Materials & Construction: Metalwork can be done in many scales and with an equal amount of skill levels, but one common thing that no metalsmith can do without is some kind of anvil. Lucky for me, I just got a new one, and this past week I made a custom stand for it. More …

Japanese Woodworking Kumiko - - - Woodworking Workshop How To Make

Machinist - The Modern Workshop Canvas Print / Canvas Art By Mike Savad Antique Tools, Old Tools, Vintage Tools, Art Steampunk, Steampunk Interior, Blacksmith Shop, Blacksmith Workshop, Garage Workshop, Metal Workshop

Machinist - The modern workshop by Mike Savad

The modern workshop, we run a tight shop with only the best equipment. Other shops use horses or dogs to run their equipment, but not us, we use steam or even water to run everything. We even have electricity for the lights, some day I think they will invent some kind of motor that runs on that stuff and we will be all over that.

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Vintage-Look Eight-Drawer Tool Box from Rio

Workshop Art - Machinist - Fire Department Lathe by Mike Savad

Machinist - Fire Department Lathe by Mike Savad

This is a Fire department lathe. It's main purpose is to make fire nozzles and such. It's good to have a machine that not only looks cool beans, but has a great purpose. Can you just imagine this Steampunk like machine running, with it's belts flapping about. This is why they had short hair back then, still a good idea now. Having one's head smashed into that thing would probably be a real turn off.

Old wood workers tools,

Woodworking Joinery How To Use .Woodworking Joinery How To Use

Plain English founder Katie Fontana's cottage and houseboat

Plain English Kitchens founder Katie Fontana's houseboat where a love of pure craftsmanship & aesthetic simplicity reign supreme.

Ten years ago I finished up my tool cabinet that I built based off of Greg Radley’s tool cabinet in the Taunton Press’s book “The Toolbox Book”. Made out of red oak and waln…

My Tool Cabinet is Ten Years Old

Ten years ago I finished up my tool cabinet that I built based off of Greg Radley’s tool cabinet in the Taunton Press’s book “The Toolbox Book”. Made out of red oak and waln…

Handyman - Messy Workbench Photo by Mike Savad deko Mike Savad - Art Antique Woodworking Tools, Antique Tools, Learn Woodworking, Vintage Tools, Woodworking Projects, Woodworking Images, Woodworking Bench, Workshop Studio, Garage Workshop

Mike Savad - Art

Shop for artwork by Mike Savad. Purchase canvas prints, framed prints, tapestries, posters, greeting cards, and more. Why am I a Geisha? Because Geisha's are pretty, and I want to be pretty. Halloween is about dressing up as someone your not, you can transform for a day and be that person. And I've always wanted to see what I would look like if I were a Geisha, so...

The Benjamin Seaton tool chest. Changed his vocation before it ever got started.

A Look at the Seaton Tool Chest | Popular Woodworking Magazine

The first real tool chest that I built was based (loosely) on Benjamin Seaton’s famous tool chest that now resides at the Guildhall Museum in Rochester, England. Most woodworkers know it because of…

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5 Magnificent Cool Tricks: Antique Woodworking Tools Videos used woodworking tools for sale.Woodworking Tools Workshop How To Use.

A lot of old-style hand-held router planes | WoodWorking - Womens Style

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Woodworking Using Hand Tools - Fine Woodworking Hand Tools – DIY Wood Working Project

Woodworking And A Few Hand Tools Woodworking is a trade where quality hand tools, materials and expertise of the woodcraftsman equally matter for bringing out splendid furniture and other woodworks. Here, an insight into some important hand tools- planes, saws and low angle bench planes- and their quality is made for the benefit of the beginners as well as experienced woodcraftsmen.