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two different shots of a man playing drums on stage and in front of drum sticks
He really can play pretty well <3
an image of a man playing guitar on stage
the man is playing guitar on stage with his red tie around his neck and black pants
Fucking love this! Blink 182 Tom Delonge, Blink 182 Tom, Tom Delonge, Best Night Of My Life, Blink 182
Fucking love this!
a man in an astronaut's suit is posing for the camera
a man getting his hair cut by another man with an angel on his shoulder and in the background he is cutting someone's hair
a man with long red hair is smiling for the camera
a man singing into a microphone while holding a guitar in front of him and wearing a tie
cursed image 1
a woman with pink hair sitting at a keyboard
Oh Billie
a man wearing a sombrero and playing guitar in front of a microphone on stage
a shirtless man on stage with his hands in the air while holding a guitar
a man standing in front of a microphone with the words why did i think he's like 20?
hee hee (billie joe armstrong) #greenday #whisper #whispers