Slate Roofing Colors

Slate from Vermont, New York, Quebec in Semi-Weathering and Unfading (Red, Strata Gray, Gray, Black, Mottled Purple and Green)
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Glendyne slate used on new build in Yorkshire

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Unfading Green slate roof from Vermont/New York

North Country Slate unfading green roofing slate is produced by a select Vermont quarry & meets all ASTM requirements as an rated roofing slate.

Cembrit Glendyne slates share similar properties to those of Welsh slates and have been approved for use on roofs in the Snowdonia National Park.

A Canadian blue-grey natural slate with a consistent high quality and strength, approved for use in Snowdonia National Park.

Unfading Black roofing slate from Quebec

North Country Unfading Black is a premium quality roofing slate. Smooth, rich black slate is produced by a single quarry, North America's largest, and is exclusive to North Country.

Glendyne Roofing Slate from

Sydney roofing are famous for their construction of houses, churches, hotels in the world. They use slate materials to make their roof different, classy as well as for keeping cool and refreshing atmosphere.

"Glendynes are top quality slates. They are square and uniform with a pleasing smooth finish. They lie beautifully flat on a roof with no visible flaws. We've used Glendynes on 4 of the last 5 projects - they're very popular for a good reason". Glendyne slate is available now from

Roof slate from Bellstone & Slate - Australia's oldest & most reliable supplier of Welsh slate & certified roofing slates - since

Glendyne Natural Slate

Glendyne Natural Slate

Custom blend slate roof with unfading and semi-weathering slates.

North Country Slate offers multi colored roof slate shingles in different size, thickness, and installation techniques for a spectacular custom slate roof.

Vermont Semi-Weathering Purple slate roof

Our semi-weathering purple roofing slate tile comes in various shades of burgundy with touches of green.

Vermont Black slate roof

Classic example of a North Country Semi-Weathering Vermont Black roof which shows shades of gray and black. A small percentage of the slates have already weathered to tones of brown.

Semi-Weathering Green (Sea Green) slate from Vermont/New York

North Country Semi-Weathering (sea) Green roofing slate showing some weathering.

Mottled Purple and Green slate roof from Vermont

Mottled Purple and Green slate roof from Vermont

Unfading Red roofing slate

North Country Slate unfading red is a premium roofing slate tile that comes in a bright red color, which is very rich in appearance.

Vermont Unfading Gray roofing slate

North Country Slate provides premium quality dark gray roof slates of light to medium gray, with mottled inclusions of dark gray and black.

Semi-Weathering Vermont Gray slate roof

We provide quality semi-weathering Vermont gray roof slate shingles with a rich battleship gray color that deepens over time.