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In the book at one point Virgil is asked if there is any place he can stay while he is investigating the murder.  Gillespie at the time who is with Virgil replies "the hotels here will not take you, Virgil, but there is a motel for colored about five miles up the road.  You can stay there."  This statement is yet another example of severe segregation being used in the South in the town of Wells.

Anti-white prejudice - considered almost non-existent in the - is now perceived among white Americans as a bigger problem than anti-black bias, according to a new study.

The book "In The Heat Of The Night" segregation is clearly shown all throughout.  When Gillespie has a meeting with the council men and the mayor Frank Schubert about Virgil the immediately tell him that because he was from Texas they thought he could keep all blacks in line.  This is clearly shown when Mr. Watkins one of the three council men angrily says "I don't want no niggar running around town asking questions of white people like he thought he was somebody."

This image shows the segregation of buses in Texas and how black people were told to sit in the back of the bus. The front of the bus were only for white people. In some buses, signs were even placed to let people know where their place was to sit.

The reason I chose this picture for the police station is because the town of Wells is small so there police station is not very big either.  This picture also shows the old 1960s police cars that they used in the story.  The reason the police station is important in the story is because this is where we first meet Virgil Tibbs and start to see the characteristics in Sam wood, Gillespie and we start to see how people treat the blacks especially Virgil down in the South.

the police station ware gilespie arrests sam and ware the purdys go to falsely accuse sam of rape.

The reason I chose this picture to represent the train station is because the book describes the train station as "deserted." In this picture you can clearly see that there are no people present, giving it an empty feeling.  It has a very rundown feel which is conveyed in the book as well as in this picture.  The reason the train station is a important part of the book is because it is where Sam Wood first found Virgil and this scene sets the whole story in motion.

The old train station where Virgil Tibbs was introduced. He was waiting for the train to go back home, but was stopped by officer Sam, who thought he was a suspect for the murder.