Not Foreign Anymore: I Could Live Here - Muscat

Sitting on the plane, watching the luggage being loaded below me, it's so reassuring to see your own bag go up the conveyor to the hold.

Not Foreign Anymore: Busses, Trains and Automobiles: Part 1 - Nilgiri Mountains

Well, after a couple of quiet days in Chennai (laundry, shopping, took fabric to the tailors), we ventured forth on the night train to Mett.

Venezia in Venezia, Veneto

Venezia in Venezia, Veneto

Not Foreign Anymore: Interacting with Ancient History - Blown Away!

Ephesus location, where is Ephesus Ancient city ruins. Find out Ephesus location if you wish to make a trip yourself by Dolmus or Private Driver.

Not Foreign Anymore: Let's Talk Turkey

I'm standing on my balcony, watching as Sultanahmet appears and gets closer on our approach to Istanbul. The views are amazing of the Blue .

Not Foreign Anymore: Just a Taste of Greece

We chose not to go ashore to Rome or Pompeii since Linda has been to both before and I would.

Not Foreign Anymore: The Tower, Not the Meal - Pisa

My first taste of Italy! Today we are going in from the port to Pisa and Florence in a small group tour arranged with folks we met on the C.

Not Foreign Anymore: Parlez Vous?

Well, I won't have any pictures for this post until I get to Venice (or at home?) because the computers on the ship are internet only.

Not Foreign Anymore: El Tiemblo

My second week with Vaughan Town is near the town of El Tiemblo by the Gredos mountains west of Madrid. It is at Campo Puerto Nuevo "New Br.

Not Foreign Anymore: Pedraza

My first week volunteering with Vaughan Town is in Pedraza, a small walled village, about hours north of Madrid. It is sooo amazing!

Not Foreign Anymore: Off to Madrid

After about 26 hours of travel, I am checked in to my hotel in Madrid. Thanks to long layovers in Calgary hrs) and Frankfurt hrs.

Not Foreign Anymore: Icelandic Horses

A really quick stopover in Reykjavik on the way home. I booked an evening tour at an Icelandic Horse Theatre performance.

Not Foreign Anymore: Two for the Price of One - Denmark & Sweden.

The hotel angels are watching out for me, another great location! I'm right in old Copenhagen, block from the harbour, 3 blocks from a .

Not Foreign Anymore: Cheers to Istanbul!

I arrived at the airport on the Asian side of Istanbul early in the morning and it was almost a 90 min drive into Cheers hostel in the old .

Not Foreign Anymore: A Work in Progress - Doha.

Wow, Doha is changing very rapidly. Ten or so years ago it was a city of now it has almost 2 million people, and are expats f.