Hedley -- these Canucks hail from BC. So excited to see them again in concert with my menfolk in Feb 2014.

Hedley is my fav band no doubt. And they are canadian too.

:O Id like to see your clothes in a heap beside my bed...

Hedley Jacob Hoggard is from Canadian Idol and also the lead singer of the band Hedley.

Jacob Hoggard

This is what heaven is going to look like for me!

'I've replaced you with Jacob Hoggard. Deal with it!'

'I've replaced you with Jacob Hoggard.Horrible yet fantastic

Jacob Hoggard. All day.

Hello stud, see you tonight at 7 :') Hedley concert with the bestfriend, soo excited!

Jacob.. his tattoos <3

alwaysbethankfullifecouldbeworse: Hedley on We Heart It.

Hedley - Canadian rock band from BC

Hedley opened for One Eskimo and other than their crappy gear, were a pretty good band.

Jacob Hoggard

Hedley ended their almost sold out tour 'The Show Must Go' right here in St.