reconditioning and reseasoning cast iron

55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips Tricks. Step by step instructions to clean and re-season cast iron. This could be an old wives tale but my grandmother said cast iron skillets transfer iron to your food! Perk for those who have low iron.

Must say I have NEVER cleaned it. Would explain the smaller and smaller cups I've been getting. Definitely doing this in the morning!     How to clean your Keurig.

How to Clean Your Keurig

Laundry can not fall behind machine and a folding table right on top! Also like that you can close it up!

My dream laundry room. It's nice that laundry can't fall behind machines, and a folding table right on top! I think I'd skip the doors in front of the washer and dryer though.

Organized Kids Closets

A little for the kids.

Kid's closets need flexible storage that's capable of changing along with their needs. Explore these storage tips and organization ideas for kid's closets.

10 Inspiring Small-Space Pantries Small Space Living | The Kitchn

10 Inspiring Small-Space Pantries

15 Organization Ideas For Small Pantries (I. chalkboard on inside pantry door for grocery list)

~~AusSie*girl~~ Another Christmas craft idea!! Candy cane heart wreath 20 candy canes arranged as above glue them back to back down the spine (still in the wrappers) to make hearts all the way rounds glue a white snowflake or star in the middle of the wreath with and anything else you like and down the spine of the 2 candy cane glue a pom pom ball or other ornaments Decorate how you like and hang with ribbon

Candy Cane Wreath - What an awesome idea! 20 candy canes arranged as above. Tie them two by two facing each other. You can hot glue a decoration to the center to keep the ends together. Glue small round ornaments to each set you tied. Hang with ribbon!