Nora Trask

Nora Trask

Nora Trask
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Sticky easel with paper strips or yarn

"sticky easel" place contact paper sticky side out on easel, hold in place w/ packaging tape - kids place yarn, paper strips or even blocks on sticky

Blocks with contact paper on easel.

Craft Sticks and Straws We used craft sticks and cut-up straws to create patterns and pictures on our sticky easel. Build with Blocks Have a look at how Teach Preschool used Contact Paper for their block building on the sticky easel.

paint rolling on plexiglass

I saw this wonderful idea over at Learning For Life, where the children had the opportunity to roll paint on a table with r.

Use mirrors to create self portraits

Mirrors at the art table: Mirror- Drawing center for self-portraits. i compiled it into a book at the end of the year and titled it watch me grow with a pic of the kid from the first day and the last week.