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Ditto machines...remember the smell?

mimeograph machine This was how the teacher made copies. In school, everyone called it the ditto machine. If the paper was still a bit wet when you got it, the ink would rub off on your fingers. I can still smell the ink :)

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These kids would die lol

Payphone The Boy Scouts taught us to always carry a dime for an emergency phone call. how quaint that seems. But I guess almost 50 years ago is often quaint.

Dixie Riddle Cups by grickily, via Flickr

Dixie Riddle Cups - We would freeze Kool-aid in these with a popsicle stick through saran wrap to hold them in place.


I loved it so I remember how smooth and worn the lemon got from rubbing against the concrete. I remember the sound of the lemon (it had beads in it so it was like a rattle). So nice to see this.

Remember these feather roach clips? Rainbow shirts? I had that exact shirt!

who dug this out of my photo album? :-) hahaha - I loved my rainbow shirt! I was more into the barrettes with the long ribbons and beads because mother frowned-on the "roach-clip".

VINTAGE TOY ARCHIVE I had one exactly like this as a pre teen. LOVED it! Vickie

My magic rocks worked as well as my sea monkeys. Neither did squat. I can't grow indoor plants either. Just think how nervous I was with my first child! Both my kids survived though so I'm good at something.