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A random collection of plants shown at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, or from top blogging resources.
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a garden filled with lots of different types of plants
Blue and Pewter Foliage Combo for Shade
Blue and pewter-gray foliage of varying size, shape and texture are the foundation of this vignette. Click through for a full plant list and to browse hundreds of other #plantcombination ideas!
a purple flower with the words, a curious blue flower to delight your friends
Deinanthe caerulea - A Curious Blue False Hydrangea Plant
It looks like hydrangea - but its not... Deinanthe caerulea
black flowers for gothic garden with the words top 100 black flowers for gothic garden on it
Top 10 Black Flowers and Plants to Add Drama to Your Garden
a small tree with red berries in the snow
Shrubs with Winter Interest
Shrubs with Winter Interest - Winterberry
an open book with pink flowers and green leaves
Workman Publishing
'Poseidon' lives up to its mythological moniker: growth is very strong, consistent, and full; flowers are borne in clusters, with a darker bud color like a cabernet wine that contrasts with the open lavender petals beautifully. A superb rose, able to tolerate a wide range of climates. Image: Peter Kukielski
a yellow bush in the snow near some trees
Workman Publishing
Osier dogwoods brighten the winter landscape in Maine.
a garden filled with lots of different types of plants
Workman Publishing
Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’
some yellow flowers are hanging from a tree with green leaves and buds on it's branches
For those of you who were playing along yesterday and didn't guess the leaves that surrounded the Toad Lilies.... Here is another look at the Kirengeshoma palmata. It is laden with its butter pad flowers. It's a super easy to grow plant in the right s
a large green leafy plant growing on top of a wooden fence next to other plants
Growing Colocasia Mojito
Growing Colocasia mojito
some red and green leaves on a tree
Cotinus Coggygria (smokebush)
some purple berries are growing on a bush with green leaves and the words california dichotoma beautyberry bush
Growing Beautyberry Shrubs - A Must Have In the Garden
Learn about the beautyberry bush and how easy it is to grow with several images to see during its seasonal growth.
a plant with pink and green flowers growing out of it's center surrounded by rocks
Origanum 'Kent Beauty' - Plant Finder
Kent oregano is a perennial herb that is drought tolerant and a favorite of hummingbirds. It has aromatic foliage and blooms pink or lilac flowers late spring-early fall.It prefers full sun-part shade and grows 6-12" tall. Used in borders, containers, cuttings, or dried. Zones 5-10
an orange flower with text overlay how to grow and harvest calendia flowers
How to Grow Calendula Flowers From Seed
How to grow Calendula officinalis, a golden edible flower and healing skin herb.
many pink flowers with yellow center surrounded by green stems and buds in the foreground
Late Bloomers at the Toronto Music Garden
Japanese Anemone. A great choice for the late summer garden.
many yellow and purple flowers with green leaves
A Plant to Love, Butterfly ‘Rainbow Marcella’ Coneflower
Butterfly ‘Rainbow Marcella’ Coneflower