Mandalas and Street Art Patterns

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an abstract painting with circles and dots on black
Under Construction
the sidewalk is made out of colored bricks
Whimsical Street Art Photos That Will Make You Smile
a street that has been painted with flowers and leaves
Road Art Staves Off Traffic Accidents By 17%: Bloomberg Study -
a person sitting on the ground next to a large painted flowered area with traffic cones in the background
Zebra Crossings design for Cuenca City
a car parked in front of a sidewalk painted with honeybees and bees on it
Buzz about Burlington's newest crosswalk
two orange and white fish painted on sidewalk
This Mother And Daughter Duo Is Creating Stunning 3D Chalk Art To Make Neighbors Smile (20 Photos)
This Mother And Daughter Duo Is Creating Stunning 3D Chalk Art To Make Neighbors Smile (20 Photos)
a painted rock sitting on top of a table
Photos On Dot Art 869
Dragonflies, Dot Painting, Rock Painting 869
there is a small stuffed animal in the hole
David Zinn Draws Tiny Chalk Art Throughout Ann Arbor and Its the Best
two koi fish swimming in the water next to some rocks and gravel with words written on it
an aerial view of a city intersection with people crossing the street
Tactical Urbanism    – BE OPEN BLOG
an aerial view of a curved road and roadway
The Vancouver Land Bridge
Good sustainable architecture flows with the natural shape of the land | The Vancouver Land Bridge by Jones & Jones
an image of a circular design on the cover of a book
Finger Labyrinths, Labyrinth Products, Spiritual Gifts
finger labyrinth design Make using a POLYCLAY disc ... make a stylus using an altered twig.
a large rainbow painted circle in the middle of a park with palm trees behind it
The Peace Labyrinth that was offered to walk during the Labyrinth Society Annual Gathering last weekend in Florida. Canvas labyrinth from Paths of Peace, painted by Steve Selpal for Riviera UCC church in Palm Bay, FL
an intricately designed floor in the middle of a building
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This pinwheel design is painted on a tennis court surface in the middle of a playground in San Francisco’s Chinatown.
a circular mosaic on the side of a building
Street art and a rescue
Frangipani House - House Sitters - Pet Carers: Street art and a rescue