Traffic Calming Alternatives

A forest of poles, signs, cement barriers and flashing lights is an obstacle to a sense of community wellness. When your street is more about connecting people…
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an aerial view of a crosswalk painted with multicolors
Lima's Crosswalks — Colour Studies
Lima's Crosswalks — Colour Studies
a city street lined with trees and parked cars
Neighborhood Main Street | National Association of City Transportation Officials
some people are walking down the street with painted dots on it and buildings in the background
Galería de Colectivo MU: urbanismo a escala humana en Bogotá - 6
an artisticly painted area in the middle of a street
Apaisement de la circulation
Apaisement de la circulation - Collectivités viables
an aerial view of a street with yellow barriers on both sides and houses in the background
traffic calming - Buscar con Google
a blue truck driving down a street next to tall buildings
Better Cities Travel
Shared space applied to high-volume intersection
several cars parked in the middle of a cobblestone street
Inspiring Infrastructure: Shared Space at Busy Intersection, Poynton
Shared Space at Busy Intersection, Poynton | Sustrans
a man riding a bike down a street next to a circular brick road with trees
slow ottawa on Twitter
Circular bumps in Utrecht, where traffic calming has been raised to a high art. Click image to tweet and visit the boards >>
a man is doing tricks on his skateboard in the middle of an empty street
good idea! :)
several white and red benches lined up on the side of a road with mountains in the background
Traffic Sheep Barricades Will Get Any Speed Demon to Slow Down
Traffic-calming sheep in Gland, Switzerland. Click image for full story and visit the boards >>
two young men skateboarding across a painted crosswalk
Traffic calming technique masquerading as street art. Cool idea via @BrentToderian and @benhbaillie
an overhead view of a street with cars and trees
traffic calming, landscape architecture, irrigation, coordination. Plan view rendering of the street with 2 lanes and parallel parking on 2 sides. Enjoy the Green experience, planters. Beautiful!
an image of a diagram showing the different parts of a wall and how they are connected to each other
4th Street - Parking and Pedestrian
a building that has many words on it
Poetry in Light Sculpture by Jim Sanborn.