Junior Optimist Club (JOOI)

Find out more about our Junior Optimist Club and what they do.
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three people are standing under an umbrella on the sidewalk at night, one person is holding a microphone
This year JOOI spoke at the YMCA Candlelight Peace Walk and then led the walk. The Optimists provided hot chocolate and Timbits for the participants.
the students are posing for a photo with their trophies
JOOI sponsors a Recycling Challenge in the Oakville elementary schools. One school wins the plaque each year.
the words jooi make communities great again
They certainly do. So proud of our JOOI club!
two women standing at a counter with toothbrushes on it
Making mats for the homeless out of recycled milk bags.
a long table covered with lots of cards and papers on it's sides in a room
Easter Cards made by Junior Optimists that were delivered to Seniors Homes in Oakville.
several people in a room with some bags and one person is cutting something up on a table
Junior Optimists packaging food for Food4Kids
a group of people sitting around a table with comic books on it and one person standing up
Junior Optimists packaging school supplies for Food4Kids