Optimist Programs for Kids and Parents

Programs available for kids in Oakville supported by the Optimist Club of Oakville
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the golf ball poem is shown with an image of a cup and tee on it
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two people are dressed up in costumes and holding golf clubs while standing next to each other
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Vintage Golf on Fashion Served
an image of a street with cars parked in front of it and the words halton police children's safety village & optimist cub oakville club
This is where we meet in the building of the Halton Safety Village which we also maintain and support.
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Follow us on all of our social media please!
What it's really all about. Children, Kids, Couple Photos, Child, Net, Scenes, Moda, Life, In Time
What it's really all about.
i am an optimist to give back to honor youth to make a new people to learn the best skills
All good reasons to become an Optimist.
The Optimist Creed has words yo live by. Disney, Van, Design, Optimism, Feelings, Naive, Interior, Interesting Questions, Opposites
The Optimist Creed has words yo live by.
a small child driving a toy car with a christmas tree on top
We usually sell out of trees pretty quickly. LOL.
rows of trees are lined up in the parking lot
Each year we sell the best Christmas trees in Oakville at Dorval Crossing near McDonald's. All proceeds go to support children and youth in Oakville.
a woman walking past a yellow wall with the words, where are you going? join an optimist club
Contact us through our website oakvilleoptimistclub.com and come out to a dinner meeting to learn more. Optimism is contagious!
three women in aprons standing next to a table
In February we sell the most delicious candy apples at Hopedale Mall.
a group of people standing around a food stand
We always participate at the Halton Special Track and Field competition providing food and drinks for the participants.
the words youth appreciation are displayed in purple and pink colors on a white background with an abstract design
Once a year we hold a special awards ceremony for youth nominated by their schools in Oakville for their volunteerism, attitude and achievements.
the logo for optmistt's writing contest, which features a hand holding a feather
There is an annual essay contest for youth to win scholarships as well. Competition continues at the District Level.
a flyer for an event with a cartoon character holding a microphone
Every year we run an Oratorical Contest for Oakville youth.