An awesome event the last Friday in September every year. All you can eat shrimp and roast beef alternate buffet, Silent Auction, Pick n Spin, dancing to a live…
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a group of people standing in front of a painting on a red carpeted floor
The free Photo Booth at Shrimpfest is run by the Junior Optimists. Fun!
the shrimpfest gala logo with an image of a man in top hat and tails
This year is our 35th Annual Shrimpfest Gala so "Shrimpie" got a new outfit! This is our main fundraiser each year.
the room is cluttered with many items to collect for someone's special occasion
Packaging baskets has begun for Shrimpfest 2016!
a group of women sitting around a table with boxes on it
Packing the loot bags for Shrimpfest. Always a very popular item. Never any left behind!
a man in a suit and tie standing next to a woman holding an umbrella over her head
Pick n Spin is hugely popular at Shrimpfest. Pick a prize and spin to see what you will pay. So much fun. You might even win it free!
two people are playing instruments in front of microphones
Performance and dancing to a live band is part of the Shrimpfest evening as well.
several people are serving themselves food at a buffet
Roast beef is an alternate on the buffet at Shrimpfest.
a large room filled with lots of tables covered in pictures and hanging from the ceiling
Silent Auction items in 2015
several people are serving themselves food at a buffet
Over 500 pounds of Shrimp served at last year's Shrimpfest.