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a group of people posing with a large check
Cheques for $3,000 presented to Oakville Angels Girls Softball Association to enhance girls softball and girls as umpires.
young boys playing hockey on an indoor ice rink with goalie in the foreground
Lacrosse players with Optimist Logo and OPTIMISTS on bottom of their jerseys
a group of young people standing next to each other on a blue field with an eagle mascot
Cheque for $1800 presented to Oakville Hawks Minor Lacrosse for 3 boys teams and 3 girls teams.
the girls are posing with their trophy and banner
The Lady Hawks girls softball team. We are sponsoring three of their House League Teams.
several different logos and emblems are shown in this image, each with an eagle on it
Oakville Optimist Club
These are the House League Teams we supported in 2016. Over $20,000 in sports team sponsorships.
three people standing next to each other in a room with equipment on the floor and walls
We sponsor all Robotics Teams in Oakville. The is the Oakville Trafalgar High School robot in progress.
a group of people standing on top of a lush green field next to a net
We also sponsor The Oakville Crusaders Rugby Association.
a woman holding a golf ball in her right hand and smiling at the camera, with flags behind her
To qualify for the District Tournament, the Oakville Optimist Club will sponsor youth to play in the District Qualifier. We will require documentation from a local golf course that they shoot under 100 for 18 holes of golf. For more information check our Facebook age for dates and age groups.
an image of the back to school app for students on their cell phones, with text that reads optimist club oakville
We provide ten annual $2,000 Don MacDonald Optimist Club of Oakville Bursaries to Oakville High School students going to trade schools, college or university.
children holding up a sign that says welcome to optimist
We also sponsor the Oakville YMCA Strong Kids Program.
the logo for the 20 year anniversary of oakville hornets, which has been named as
We also sponsor the girls hockey Oakville Hornets.
three men standing in front of a giant cheetah holding a check for $ 1, 000
We sponsor the Oakville Soccer Club for both boys and girls House League Teams.