They brought their F-ing toys! Slap Shot (1977)

NSFW - Watch the Volume - Foul Language! Still one of the best movie lines ever : "They brought their f---ing toys with them!

Slap Shot - I love this scene.  I could watch it over and over.  Not to mention quote it word for word!

Slap Shot Movie CLIP - The Finer Points of Hockey HD. You go to the penalty box and feel shame.

Player/coach Reg Dunlop (played by Paul Newman) from the Charlestown Chiefs in the movie Slap Shot (1977)

Paul Newman plays Coach Reggie Dunlop in the cult classic hockey flick "SLAP SHOT". fuckyeahhockey: We supply everything but guts . deathorjail: Still the ultimate hockey movie

Slap Shot- Reg Dunlop T Shirt

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Quebec Major Junior Hockey League  Lewiston Maineiacs (Lewiston, Maine)

Quebec Major Junior Hockey League Lewiston Maineiacs (Lewiston, Maine)

Slap Shot

A Puckish Entertainment – shame and violence in a Rust Belt rink