Expo_67_Air_Canada_Pavilion001.jpg (968×623)

Expo 67 officials decided to allow free reign in architectural style as long as participant's pavilions fit in with the overall theme "Man and his World.

04-expo67-thematic-2.jpg (800×600)

04-expo67-thematic-2.jpg (800×600)

Expo_67_Canada_Pavilion_PC_001.jpg (808×519)

The Canadian Pavilion at Expo The same thing about the previous two images can be said about this image. The Canadian pavilion heavily contributed to Expo image of a hotbed of Architecture.

Expo_67_La_Ronde.jpg (530×339)

iconoclassic: La Ronde at Expo - Montreal, Quebec (by The Pie Shops)

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Bill Dutfield/Fondation Expo 67 - All rights reserved

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World Fair - Expo 67 - Main Street - Montreal, Quebec , Canada