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PREVNet's Bullying. The Facts information graphic

Get the latest facts about bullying in Canada. Bullying is a relationship problem that impacts millions of Canadian youth. Share this graphic and spread the word.

A useful site containing all sorts of info on cyber bullying.

PREVNet is a national network of leading researchers and organizations, working together to stop bullying in Canada.

Social Networking Explanation

This Common Craft tutorial describes the features of social networks, connections, and the roles that social networking can play in personal lives and in solving real-world problems.

How to Take a Screenshot

How to take a screenshot on a Mac hold down shift + command then press 3 (full screen) or 4 (specify what to capture)

How Connected Are You?

Secure My Cyberspace - Online Safety from CMU and WQED - A great website of why you should secure all of your social media and electronic devices.

Real Life Cyberbullying Story

Hacking, Blackmail, and Cyberbullying Click the picture to view one student's story about their experience with account sharing, popularity contests, and the risk of not protecting your information.

Talking to People from the Internet: Good Idea or Bad?

Terrible Text - Some teens say and do terrible things to each other online because they don’t see the direct effects of their actions. So what should you do if you’re cyberbullied?

Free Technology for Teachers: A Digital Citizenship Guide from Edmodo and Common Sense Media, a nice poster for the classroom