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Off-Roading with Element Extinguishers!
When it comes to off-roading, you can never have too much fire protection! 🚙🔥 Check out this rig, fully equipped with Element Fire Extinguishers, ready for any adventure. How many Elements did you count? . #elementequipped #fire #fireprevention #fireprotection #firesafety #extinguisher #fireextinguisher #carextinguisher #carfiresafety #compact #smallbutmighty #emergency #rig #racing #offroading
a man riding on the back of a motorcycle down a road next to a field
Protect your Antiques with Element!
Riding the past into the future with my vintage Harley and trusty Element Extinguisher! 🏍️🔥 . #elementequipped #extinguisher #fireextinguisher #carfire #fire #firesafety #carextinguisher #harley #motorbike
Element Fire Extinguisher in Action
#Repost @FlexRocksRollovers on Youtube. Watch the Element Fire Extinguisher in action after this supercharged Toyota made an epic climb. "Day 2 of the Ultimate Off Road Field Trip at Black Mountain Off Road Park in Harlan, Kentucky! The Trail of today is Mason Jar - a gnarly rock trail with some big drop off and steep ledges. We had a great group of people and rigs with us and an absolutely action packed day of off roading. Adventures like these are what it's all about. Enjoy the video."
Element - Fire Extinguishers
The small size of the Element Fire Extinguisher makes it easier to store in any vehicle.
a man is cleaning the interior of a car
Element for your car
In an emergency time is your most valuable asset. Always keep your fire extinguisher close and within reach in the driver's compartment. The trunk or 'frunk' in the case of this Porsche is not the right place to put your fire protection.
a man working on a piece of metal in a factory with sparks coming out of it
Shop Safety Tip
Always have an Element nearby when you make the sparks fly.
Element Fire Extinguisher Demonstration
Professional Performance Driver and Racecar Driver Demi Chalkias demonstrates how to use the Element Fire Extinguisher.
World's Smallest Fire Extinguisher
How do you use Element? Step one: Remove the cap Step Two: Strike Step Three: Point the Element at the fire
Jay Leno Tries Out The Element Fire Extinguisher
How simple is it to use an Element Fire Extinguisher? Very simple. Strike to activate and then aim it at the fire. #Repost from Jay Lenos Garage on Youtube.