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Fire Safety Tip!
#FireSafetyTip: Keep flammable materials away from heat sources, such as stovetops, heaters, and candles.
Fire Safety!
Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, and test them monthly to ensure they are working properly.
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Thanks for sharing this adrenaline-filled ride - we're happy to see the Element within arms reach.
a man standing in front of a fire extinguisher booth at an event
🚨 CALLING ALL INFLUENCERS AND CONTENT CREATORS 🚨 Will you be at the @semashow this week? We'd love to meet you! Stop by booth 20044 located in Racing and Performance in Central Hall to learn more about our brand ambassadorship program.
Fire Extinguisher for Drawer
Fire happens fast, and you don't always have that much time to react. The compact size of our E50 makes it easy to keep your fire protection close in all areas of your home.
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Compact Fire Extinguisher
Element fire extinguishers are so small, they fit almost anywhere!
Fire Extinguisher for Dryer
Dryer fires are no joke, and they can happen to anyone. One of the most important steps you can take to prevent a dryer fire is cleaning the lint filter after every single load of laundry. Pro-tip: Keep and Element close by where common household fires start. Our magnetic mount makes it easy to attach to any metal surface.
Element for boats
Even surrounded by water fire protection was not close at hand before things got out of control. #Repost @mr_mavicair "It all started with a BBQ 🥩😬🛥"
Fire Safety Tips: Preventing Wildfires
#DidYouKnow Careless human activities are behind about 84% of all wildfires in the US and accounted for 44% of total area burned.
Fire safety in the home
#DidYouKnow? Assuming stable fuel, heat, and oxygen levels, a typical house fire will double in size every minute? What kind of fire safety do you keep in your home?