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a painting of a person in a canoe floating on water with lily pads and koi fish
Beneath Lilies, Vanessa Palmer
ArtStation - Beneath Lilies , Vanessa Palmer
a painting of water lilies in front of a house
Dawn, Lotusland — Marcia Burtt
Japanese Koi Pond Woodblock wallpaper Croquis, Illustrators, Art, Wallpaper, Artist, Fotos, Kunst
Japanese Koi Pond Woodblock wallpaper
Japanese Koi Pond Woodblock wallpaper
an abstract painting with blue, purple and green colors on it's surface is shown
the water is very green and has many ripples on it
an open room with two paintings on the wall and a chair in front of it
flit in and out of
a painting of sailboats in the water near a large rock
Xiaogushan, China (Shôkozan)
XIAOGUSHAN, CHINA BY YOSHIDA HIROSHI. Delicate color in water and sky contract beautifully with the darker shapes of the island and boats. So well crafted!! #woodblock #prints www.richard-neuman-artist.com