Rice and Black Beans. Serve as a side dish with chicken, pork and fish, or serve as a filling for burritos.

Epicure’s Rice and Black Beans -Yummy. Added extra veggies such as peppers.

#Epicure Twice-baked Baby Potatoes #vegetarian

Epicure Twice-baked Baby Potatoes with cheese, chives and bacon seasoning.

Epicure's Hot & Spicy Baked Yam Fries

Epicure's Hot & Spicy Baked Yam Fries Try it with Epicure's Cajun Seasoning with Chipolte Dip.

#Epicure Jamaican Jerk Baked Yam Fries #glutenfree

Make this popular pub favourite at home. Try dipping in prepared Epicure’s Curry Dip.

Epicure's Southern Cornmeal Muffins

Be “a-maized” by how easy this recipe is to make! Look for stone- ground cornmeal for the most nutrition.

Epicure's Carrot and Yam Casserole

The perfect in-season dish with the super-spice benefits of cinnamon!

Epicure's Cuban Beans and Rice

Epicure's Cuban Beans and Rice.looking forward to this for lunch Thursday & dinner Friday @ work