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Today we have decided to feature some of the world’s top inspiring quotes that will help you to start a great New Year.

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432 Hz ☮ Whole Body Regeneration ☮ Full Body Healing ☮ Physical & Emotin.

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With Yoga being one of the most popular fitness techniques in the world. There are many yoga positions out there, but these are among the best you can find.


Here is a guide to help you understand the crucially important things you should know before your first yoga class.This will help you avoid costly mistakes.

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As well as being physically beneficial to your health and wellbeing, practicing yoga can also provide many spiritual benefits as well.

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Golfers paradise or downward dog? Our concierge can arrange yoga at the villa or schedule a tee time!

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- Studies show that enough sleep (more than six hours) can help prevent high inflammatory proteins in the blood, which in turn helps to prevent inflammation in the joints aka stiff and aching joints.

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