Family Farms in Ontario

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Answers to FAQs about Ontario-raised pork
No. Growth hormones aren’t used in pigs raised in Canada. Read other common questions we get as pig farmers.
Meet the DeVries Family
The DeVries family pork farm is a family affair. Like many young parents, Lauren and Dave want the best food and the best environment for their growing children. Like most Canadian farmers, their farm reflects their personal values, showcasing new technologies designed to optimize their animals’ well-being including loose sow housing and drop tube feeding systems. They also participate in the Raised Without Antibiotics (RWA) program for retail grocery brands.
Animal Care on Ontario Pig Farms
High standards of animal care help grow healthier pigs and produce a better product in the long run. We’re constantly working with experts to find new, better ways to raise pigs – from university research into better feed, care and genetics to innovation and technology in our own barns – because a healthy herd benefits everyone.
Meet the Roelands Family
Janet and Daniel view their day-to-day routine as key to their family bond. “Our family life has improved by being able to run our own independent Canadian business. We can take the time to have a flexible lifestyle of working when we need to work, but also being able to spend time with our family. Some of the best quality time I spend with our family is working together. We truly are a family farm and everybody has a role.