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Home :: Décor :: Outdoor :: Lantern- Hand Painted Cottage Scenes by RockingHorse Past, $25 Outdoor Lantern, Outdoor Decor, Painted Cottage, Black Silhouette, Decoration, Lanterns, Mason Jars, Artisan, Objects

Lantern- Hand Painted Cottage Scenes

Mason jars are painted on 4 sides with a black silhouette in order to create a solid image of solid objects Colours are added an antique glaze covers all and then the jar is sprayed with exterior varnish to make it more durable and safe to clean with a damp rag Image can scratch with rough handling and

Home :: Décor :: Christmas :: Wooden Deer (pair) by RockingHorse Past, $28 Handmade Ornaments, Antlers, Deer, Artisan, Christmas Decorations, Wood, Home Decor, Craftsman, Homemade Home Decor

Wooden Deer (pair)

The deer are made from branches and twigs usually from maple trees on our property The pieces are cut drilled and glued to create these unique characters Antlers and ears are varnished in a matt finish that doesn t change appearance but strengthens these more delicate parts Size varies from 8-11

Wooden Canada Flag - Floating leaf by RockingHorse Past, $35 Past, Artisan, Flag, Canada, Leaves, Outdoor Decor, Handmade, Future, Instagram

Wooden Canada Flag - Floating leaf by RockingHorse Past, $35

Home :: Home :: Spindle Chef Artisan, Create, Craftsman

Home :: Home :: Spindle Chef

Something special for that great host or hostess! A wooden railing spindle is used to create these famous chefs 27 - feel free to email and request a particular chef of your liking I have made Spanish ones Gordon Ramsay - pictures shown not presently available Each chef includes a sign with

Home :: Décor :: 1' Rustic Wooden Letters by RockingHorse Past, $32 Wooden Letters, Stool, Artisan, Rustic, Home Decor, Craftsman, Country Primitive, Homemade Home Decor, Wood Letters

Home :: Décor :: 1' Rustic Wooden Letters by RockingHorse Past, $32

Home :: Décor :: Outdoor :: Rustic Shutter holds BBQ utensils/ keys Rustic Shutters, Distressed Painting, Little Red, Decoration, Utensils, Garden Tools, Hold On, Bbq, Indoor

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These rustic shutters 2 high and 1 wide are made from thick rough pine planed painted distressed and finished with an antiquing Danish oil that suits indoor or outdoor use Black square head nails 3 maintain the antique appearance while making the shutter useful to hang BBQ utensils garden tools keys

Materials :: Wood :: Moosecot with Wakeboard by RockingHorse Past, $35 Wakeboarding, Artisan, Wood, Craftsman, Woodwind Instrument, Timber Wood, Trees, Home Decor Trees, Woods

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Materials :: Wood :: Moosecot with Wakeboard by RockingHorse Past, $35

Gifts :: For Him :: Hockey Moosecot by RockingHorse Past, $35 Elm Tree, Great Gifts For Dad, Baltic Birch, Hockey, Artisan, Arms, Carving, Craftsman, Joinery

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These moose are cut from pine and carved to create interesting figures in this case a hockey player Legs and arms are hand wired or hinged Antler are from Baltic birch for best durability Moose sits on a log from a fallen elm tree Great gift for Dad or any hockey enthusiast Moose stands approx 12 high on

Gifts :: For Him :: Moosecot - Dad's Smoking BBQ by RockingHorse Past, $35 Smoke Bbq, Smoking, Dads, Artisan, Carving, Gifts, Parents, Craftsman, Joinery

Moosecot - Dad's Smoking BBQ

Moose are cut from pine carved and painted in various outfits Antlers are made from Baltic Birch for better durability Parts are assembled with wire joints to enable different positions This one wears an apron with Dad s Smoking BBQ imprinted as well as holding a BBQ fork in his hand He comes with a log

Home :: Décor :: Log Cabin Tissue Box by RockingHorse Past, $35 Cedar Deck, Kleenex Box, Wood Texture, Tissue Boxes, Family Room, Artisan, Cabin, Outdoor Decor, Larger

Log Cabin Tissue Box

Tissue Kleenex box made from reclaimed cedar deck cut offs is a great addition to family room or cottage Roof is removed to insert box and tissue is easily started up through chimney Wood texture of chimney ensures tissues keep comin to the end Cabin is designed to hold smaller as well as larger boxes

Home :: Materials :: Wood :: Gryphon Boot Jack Boot Puller, Exterior Paint, Scooby Doo, Artisan, Hand Painted, Wood, Painting, Fictional Characters, Craftsman

Home :: Materials :: Wood :: Gryphon Boot Jack

As a U of Guelph grad I had to honour my alma mater with this U o G mascot on my hand painted boot jack Only 1 is available but email if out of stock and I will provide timeline for order This boot puller is made from thick pine which is cut and hand painted Exterior varnish is applied to protect the acrylic

Materials :: Wood :: Barnboard Coat Hooks by RockingHorse Past, $38 Red Barns, Coat Hooks, Artisan, Future, Antiques, Metal, Wood, Projects, Painting

Barnboard Coat Hooks

Three brown metal antique looking hooks are mounted on a reclaimed barn board A small streak of the original barn red paint remains This piece was also chosen for the knot that adds further to its character Matt varnish is used to provide a smoother clean surface without taking away from the barn board

Home :: Materials :: Wood :: Dragon Boot Jack Boot Puller, Unique Boots, Artisan, Dragon, Wood, Painting, Craftsman, Woodwind Instrument, Timber Wood

Home :: Materials :: Wood :: Dragon Boot Jack

This unique boot puller designed to remove cowboy rubber or winter boots without strain is different than most by the art incorporated in the design It is cut and painted as a dragon s head thus being suitable for hanging on the wall as shown in one of the pictures between use It is made of thick pine cut in

Materials :: Wood :: Wooden Family Crest/ University Logo by RockingHorse Past, $40 Wooden Flag, Wooden Signs, University Logo, Family Crest, Moose Art, Artisan, Display, Rustic, Logos

Wooden Flag-Family Crest/ University Logo

Consider a rustic wooden sign with your family crest to display in window on wall or hanging in porch This is also a great way to recognize your alma mater with the college or university logo and year of graduation Wood is reclaimed oak usually from pallets for small and medium versions Larger signs are

Materials :: Wood :: 2' Rustic Wooden Letters by RockingHorse Past, $40 Wooden Letters, Artisan, Colours, Rustic, Design, Craftsman, Country Primitive, Wood Letters

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These custom letters or numbers don t forget to include which one in comment area when placing order are made from 1 thick rough pine in standard colours and font or your custom specifications Standard design includes indented edge detail as noted in second picture This pricing is for size 24 x 12 wide