Next Car Game - Mudpit

One of the major additions that came in the same update as this track is a new replay mode which is quite in depth. I probably won't be doing any sort of cin.

Next Car Game - Sandpit

Since the last time I played this game (the previous videos were recorded a while ago) there have been a couple updates. A couple new tracks have been added .

Next Car Game - Stadium

As much as I would have liked to post a video where I got a bunch of takedowns and won the whole thing in dominating fashion, I thought this video of me scre.

Next Car Game - Tarmac

My biggest problem when playing this game is I like making the other cars crash more than I like actually racing. This usually ends with me wrecking my car o.

Next Car Game - Figure 8

In the early access version of Next Car game you can set up race options such as transmission type, driving assists, number of cars and laps.

Next Car Game - Gravel - YouTube

There are a number of options for cars which aren't available yet in Next Car Game Early Access such as research, test drive, repair, favorite, etc.