Solar Tree Charger |

Netherlands XD Modo and colleagues tree solar charger creative gift mobile phone charge usb, charger, smalltao

Diffuser for Essential Oil |

Aroma Genie Casa - by TOAST Living. Available exclusively in NZ at the OBJECT ROOM, available in Black, Pink & White. A modern way of 'burning' essential oils. A favourite of our customers.

Port Solar Charger |

Port is the ideal mobile solar charger by XDDesign with embedded USB port. Due to the integrated suction pad it can be attached to any window, whether it's at home, in the car or in the plane.

Mini Bird Feeders |

The Mini bird feeders are popular feeding stations for small birds and help them through the winter. The bird feeders are designed to resemble a weaver bird's nest and are made of clear glass so you c

Ice Cube Cooler by Eva Solo |

The ice bucket Ice Cube Cooler Eva Solo is the ideal tool to make , store , and serve ice. The silicone rubber vial cap doubles as stainless steel and glass retains its ice until two hours. Easy , elegant and intelligent.

Holdaplate Cocktail Plate |

Images of Holdaplate by John Zox and Ding Liu from A' Design Award & Competition

Teacup Magisso |

Another great, practical way of drinking your tea. The Magisso Teacup cleverly streamlines brewing and drinking hot tea into one task. Designed by Laura Bougdanos, this ingenious little tilting teacup is very easy to use. Simply put loose tea in the

SunLight by Eva Solo |

SunLight by Eva Solo |

Squeezable Tools - Magisso Turner Spoon |

Squeezable Tools - Magisso Turner Spoon |

MiPow Power Cube |

MiPow Power Cube |

Marna Standing Rice Scoop |

Marna Standing Rice Scoop |

Lunch Box Skate |

Yubo - Lunch Box - Skater Revolutionary children's lunchbox that brings together style and function for kids, parents, and the environment. Using wasteful plastic bags is a thing of the past when you carry Yubo!

Lunch Box Butterfly |

for yubo lunchbox - eco-friendly, personlized, bpa free, dishwasher safe lunch box