Mooncakes by Loretta Seto and Illustrated by Renne Benoit

Fishpond Australia, Mooncakes by Renne Benoit (Illustrated ) Loretta Seto. Buy Books online: Mooncakes, ISBN Renne Benoit (Illustrated by) Loretta Seto

Blood on the Beach by Sarah N. Harvey and Robin Stevenson

Blood on the Beach by Sarah N. Harvey and Robin Stevenson

Packed with interesting and sometimes startling facts on agriculture around the world, Let's Eat reveals everything from the size of the biggest farm in the world to how many pesticides are in a single grape to which insect people prefer to eat.

Let's Eat: Sustainable Food for a Hungry Planet (Orca Footprints)

Waiting for the Whales by Sheryl McFarlane and illustrated by Ron Lightburn

Waiting for the Whales by Sheryl McFarlane: "A lonely old man who waits each year to see the orcas swim past his house imparts his love of the whales to his granddaughter.

Deadpoint by Nikki Tate

But she prefers to climb indoors, with all her safety harnesses in place and soft mats to land on. Her climbing partner and best friend, Li

Jungle Jitters by Lisa Dalrymple

Even though he's secretly terrified of deep water, and all the scary things that swim below, Tate wants to shake his boring reputation, and he agrees to travel

Bullies Rule by Monique Polak

Bullies Rule by Monique Polak: "Daniel is forced to examine his own behavior after the teasing of a classmate gets out of hand.