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an assortment of rings and bracelets on a stand
♥ made from a 99 cent Goodwill find, used to be a coffee mug stand!
an old dresser with jewelry on it
Pictures frames as jewellery drawers... love the idea!!
there are many necklaces hanging on the wall
How to Easily Organization Jewelry and Accessories
Hang your necklaces on a towel bar, and your bracelets on toilet paper holders!
two white framed pictures hanging on the wall next to each other with flowers in them
Do-It-Yourself (DIY) - Interior Design
What a wonderful idea!! Frame vintage jewellry treasures
several pairs of sunglasses are hanging on a wall mounted eyeglass holder with multi - colored stripes
My Sun Glasses Holder!
Sunglass storage - ribbons wrapped around a canvas.
there is a yellow rack with many necklaces hanging on it and the caption says, or if you have a lot of jewelry but i hate jewelry boxes, try this system
Hanging Jewelry Organizer {Paint Stick Project}
organizing jewelry with 5 gal paint sticks, drywall screws & 5/8" hooks
an assortment of jewelry is displayed on a stand
Repurpose a mug tree for storing bracelets
a closet filled with lots of necklaces and jewelry
Organizing Jewellery ~ towel rack and shower curtain hooks
there are many different items on display in the wall shelfs, including necklaces and bracelets
Repurposed dresser drawers are perfect for storing jewellery
a green candelabra sitting on top of a sidewalk
Vintage candelabra repurposed and repainted to store your bling
many plates and bowls are sitting on the shelf in front of an open refrigerator door
Teacup jewellery storage
two glass bottles with bracelets and a watch on them
Bracelets slipped over decorative bottles
an assortment of glass objects on a table
Crystal decanters, candy dishes and serving pieces used for jewellery storage
Bracelet storage in apothecary jar Jewelry Organization, Bracelet Holder, Jewelery Organizer
Bracelet storage in apothecary jar
a stack of bracelets sitting on top of a black table next to a white wall
Paper towel holder doubles for bracelet storage