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Jane Blundell: Watercolour Comparisons 1 Ultramarine Blue So much fun, these blue mixes go on for days! Watercolor Mixing, Watercolor Sketchbook, Watercolor Tips, Watercolour Tutorials, Watercolor Artists, Watercolor Techniques, Art Techniques, Watercolour Painting, Painting & Drawing

Watercolour Comparisons 1 Ultramarine Blue PB29.

Ultramarine Blue In the large Moleskine watercolour sketchbook I did a comparison of every Daniel Smith watercolour, with pigment notes, reviews from other sources, mixing charts, colour wheels and so on. I also added comparisons with other brands of the same colour or the same pigment. Here's my page on Ultramarine blue - my favourite blue. There is more information on my website here. You can also see a huge range of different blues painted out here. Watercolour Notebook page on…