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waterfalls in alberta, canada with text overlay
Discover Alberta's Magnificent Waterfalls
Dive into the beauty of Alberta's breathtaking waterfalls. This guide highlights the top cascades that promise adventure and awe-inspiring views.
table mountain in alberta, canada with the words table mountain above it and an image of
Epic Views Await: Table Mountain Hike in Alberta
Alberta's Table Mountain offers hikers a unique challenge with rewarding panoramic views. This guide details everything from the steep trails to the serene summit, perfect for your next adventure.
the words king creek ridge on top of a snowy mountain with trees and mountains in the background
Conquer King Creek Ridge: Kananaskis Country's Thrilling Hike
Embark on an exhilarating journey up King Creek Ridge in Alberta. This guide covers everything from the steep ascent to the panoramic summit views, ensuring your adventure is both challenging and rewarding.
a dog sitting on top of a mountain next to the words prarie mountain brag creek, alberta
Prairie Mountain Hike: A Year-Round Adventure
Dive into this detailed hiking trip report on Prairie Mountain, packed with suggestions and tips for a fun and safe adventure. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or just starting, this guide has everything you need for a memorable journey.
a person standing on top of a snow covered mountain with the words hiking little loughed
Little Lougheed Trail: A Winter Hiking Gem in Kananaskis
Embrace the cold and embark on the Little Lougheed hike, where every step rewards you with awe-inspiring views of Spray Lakes and the surrounding mountains. This post offers all you need to know for this winter adventure.
the upper kananaskis lake trail in alaska with text overlaying it
Upper Kananaskis Lake Trail: A Family-Friendly Hiking Gem in Alberta
Explore the scenic Upper Kananaskis Lake Trail, a perfect family adventure near Calgary. This 19 km loop in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park is a moderate hike with stunning views of turquoise waters and majestic Rockies. Enjoy forest paths, waterfalls, and the option for a refreshing swim or a side hike to Rawson Lake!
the mountains and water with text overlay that reads, galatea lakes kannaks,
Galatea Lakes Hike: A Gem in Kananaskis Country
Explore the hidden beauty of Galatea Lakes in Alberta! This trip report covers everything from the easy hike to Lillian Lake to the stunning vistas at Upper and Lower Galatea Lakes. Perfect for a day out in the Rockies!
people hiking through the woods with text overlay that reads healy pass banff national park
Discover Banff's Healy Pass Trail: A Larch Lover's Paradise
Set off on a scenic adventure along Banff's Healy Pass Trail, famous for its vibrant yellow larches in fall. This easy-to-moderate hike spans 19.5 km, offering lush forest paths and stunning alpine meadows. Perfect for those seeking a peaceful yet visually stunning hiking experience.
the goat lake and avlon ridge hike in waterton lakes national park with text overlay
2-Day Goat Lake Hike and Avion Ridge in Waterton Park
It’s no secret that Waterton Lakes National Park offers some of the most scenic hiking in Alberta. I planned a quick trip to Goat Lake and tacked on Avion Ridge for a fantastic two-day backcountry trip. Seriously some of the best hikes in Waterton! I’d highly recommend an overnight at the newly re-opened Goat Lake Backcountry Campground. Keep reading to see what I mean.
the bear's hump overlooks waterton lakes national park
Bear’s Hump Trail in Waterton Lakes National Park
Bear’s Hump is one of the most popular trails in Waterton Lakes National Park. The reward at the top is well worth the climb. While this is a short hike, it will also be challenging for some. The views of Waterton townsite and the surrounding lakes make this iconic hike a must-do!
hiking the spiderback trail in fernie, bc canada with text overlaying it
Hiking the Spineback Trail in Fernie, BC
I asked the staff at Mount Fernie Campground where to go hiking, and it was clear that Island Lake Lodge is the place to be. Specifically, the Spineback Trail is an excellent option with beautiful views from the ridge. Enjoy the hike up to the ridge, and then down around the picturesque Island Lake.
the red rock canyon and blackston falls national park with text overlaying it
Hiking at Red Rock Canyon and Blakiston Falls in Waterton
Waterton Lakes National Park is a great spot to explore in Alberta. That’s because there’s so much to do and see. So if you’re planning a visit, hiking at Red Rock Canyon and Blakiston Falls is a good choice if you enjoy the great outdoors. Red Rock is a popular place for family picnics and afternoon walks.
the skyline trail in jasper national park with purple flowers
Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park
The Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park is an incredibly popular backpacking route. With several kilometres about the treeline and impressive mountain views, you'll be glad for the nearly 45-km journey!
two people sitting on a bench in the woods with text overlay that reads, amisk wuche trail elk island national park
Amisk Wuche Trail in Elk Island National Park, Alberta, Canada
Elk Island is one of five national parks in Alberta. This park is only 30 minutes from the city, so I couldn’t say no to that! There are plenty of trails to explore in the area, but with a heat warning on, we could only manage a shorter Elk Island hike. So, that’s where Amisk Wuche came in!
a black and brown dog standing on top of a wooden bridge next to a forest
Devon River Valley Trail Near Edmonton, Alberta
The Devon River Valley Trail is a hidden gem near Edmonton, Alberta. It’s a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Town of Devon maintains about 10-km of multi-use paved trails, and they’re the perfect place for an evening stroll. Bella the Berner thought so, too!