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a lake with mountains in the background and text that reads backpacking glacier lake banff national park, alberta
Glacier Lake Hike: A Breathtaking Backcountry Adventure in Banff
Discover the beauty of Banff National Park on the Glacier Lake backcountry hike. Spanning 18 km, this trail features moderate difficulty with a 230 m elevation gain, perfect for beginner and intermediate hikers. The journey through pine forests and alongside rivers culminates at a breathtaking campground by Glacier Lake, offering a peaceful retreat in nature.
the complete guide to long range traverse from gros morne national park, newfoundland
Long Range Traverse: Gros Morne's Premier Backpacking Adventure
Discover Newfoundland's rugged wilderness with the Long Range Traverse in Gros Morne National Park. This 35 km point-to-point route offers a challenging backcountry experience with awe-inspiring views of fjords, hills, and wildlife. Prepare for a 4-day journey requiring navigation skills, as the trail is unmarked and unmaintained. Experience the thrill of true wilderness exploration!
a man climbing up the side of a mountain with text overlay reading rockcut trails,
Discover the Scenic Rockcut Twillingate Trails in Newfoundland
Discover the beauty of Newfoundland's coastline with the Rockcut Twillingate Trails. Spanning 20 km point-to-point, these moderate trails wind through historic routes, offering breathtaking ocean views and well-maintained tent platforms for camping. Experience a blend of nature and history in Twillingate's picturesque landscapes.
the coast with text that reads cape chigneetoo coastal loop, novascotia canada
Cape Chignecto: A Hiker's Coastal Paradise
Discover Nova Scotia's rugged coastline on the Cape Chignecto Trail. This moderately difficult 52 km loop in Cape Chignecto Provincial Park promises awe-inspiring sea cliffs and breathtaking views of the Bay of Fundy. Prepare for a 4-day hiking journey through challenging terrain and unspoiled nature, culminating in a unique and unforgettable outdoor experience.
the complete guide to tombstonetone territorial park in yukon, canada with text overlay
Discover Yukon's Wilderness: Tombstone Territorial Park Hiking Adventure
Dive into the wild heart of Yukon with a challenging 48 km hike in Tombstone Territorial Park. Known as the 'Patagonia of the North', this backcountry trail boasts striking mountains and pristine lakes. Ideal for experienced hikers, this 5-day journey offers a unique wilderness experience with well-equipped campsites. Prepare for an extraordinary adventure!
three different pictures with the words 37 of canada's top multi - day hiking trails
37 Long Distance & Backpacking Trails in Canada
Looking for a hike that's more than a weekend long? Here are 37 long distance hiking trails across #Canada #hiking #backpacking #longdistancetrails #backpackingcamping
a person walking along a trail next to a mountain with the words awesome backpacking trips in the canadian rockies
Trekking In The Canadian Rockies - 7 Amazing Multi-Day Backpacking Adventures!
Information about the best multi-day hikes and trips in the Canadian Rockies. Including Mount Assiniboine, The Berg Lake Trail, The Rockwall Trail, The Skyline Trail, The Tonquin Valley, Maligne Lake & Spirit Island and Lake O'Hara.