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I Quit My Morning Routine (and it made me more productive).
this is actually wild!! my morning routine has been making me miserable but i never thought about just quitting lol - #1 hit me like a brick
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30 Romantic & Cute Spring Date Ideas
so ready for the sunshine season!! definitely going to make #2 a weekly tradition and I can't wait
monthly reset routine
The Ultimate Monthly Reset Routine
making 2024 my year of productivity!!
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The Best Winter Bucket List for Couples
LOVE this list!! saving & printing so we can keep the romance going this winter lol
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Feeling Stuck in Life? Here's How to Find Purpose.
the timing of this post are u kidding me!! lfg!! it's time to reset my whole life before the new year
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30 Things I Quit to Simplify My Life
okay these simple living habits are acutally soo good!! i'm trying to declutter my life this year and i'm going to try cutting out these things for a month at least
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How to Reset Your Life in One Day
DOING THIS. love that you can actually reset everything in a day + start fresh right away !!
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How to Reset Your Life in One Day
ok i'm officially in my get my crap together era ;P love the printable checklist option!!!
items to declutter today, thigns to declutter in 2024 Organising Ideas, Organize Declutter, Organizing Ideas, Organization, Organization Bedroom, Clean House, Organizing
100 Things to Declutter in 2024
new year, new me, time to declutter and organize 🤩
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Free Decluttering Checklist + 100 Things to Get Rid of
this decluttering checklist is so cute!!
things i don't buy as a minimalist
13 Things I Don't Buy As a Minimalist
sending this to hubs immediately, time to get our budget together
13 things minimalists don't buy Habits, Financial Goals, To Start, Start, Minimalist Living Tips, Setting Goals, Achieving Goals, Personal Goals, Tips
13 Things Minimalists Don't Buy
finally ready to start my minimalism journey and this si really good advice
things to stop buying in 2024 Toxic Cleaning Products, Goal List, Health Goals, Book Gifts, Goal Planning, Success Goals
13 Things to Stop Buying in 2024
I stopped buying these 13 things in 2023 when I became a minimalist, and I've never looked back!
stop buying in 2024, things to stop buying in 2024 Budgeting, This Year
13 Things to Stop Buying in 2024
these 13 things to stop buying in 2024 are actually so smart, im cutting out at least 3-7 for this year - not sure im ready for #2 tho lol