Non-releasable Education birds

Our permanent residents who can no longer survive in the wild, they now stay with us for education as well as they foster orphaned young birds so they grow up wild!
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Such a flirt! *Wink*. Meet @owlrehab's Snoopy 820am on BT.

Such a flirt! Meet Snoopy on BT.

Winnie shorteared owl @OWLRehab

Winnie is a female short-eared owl that came to OWL in November 2010 from Delta. She was shot in the right wing by a Winchester rifle, hence the name “Winnie”.

Front Education Cages «  O.W.L. Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society @owlrehab

Front Education Cages « O.

Sarah @OWLRehab

Sarah the Barn Owl - my virtual pet thru adoption via O.

Serenity @owlrehab

L centre in Delta B.

Pygar Golden eagle at OWLRehab

Pygar Golden eagle at OWLRehab