Lawren Harris, Winter Sunrise. Happy we have snow today!

"Winter Sunrise" by member of the Group of Seven Canadian painters, Lawren Harris, 1915

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"Winter Morning," Alexander Young (A.Y.) Jackson, 1924, oil on canvas, 21 1/8 x 26"?, private collection.

"Winter Morning," Alexander Young (A.) Jackson, oil on canvas, 21 x private collection.

A J Casson - White Pine

Silkscreen by Alfred Joseph Casson (Canadian, Poplar. Silkscreen, 30 x 40 in. (Group of Seven)

Here, in a vertical sketch of similar size as “Pine Trees at Sunset,” (1915) Thomson captures another natural event – the tranquil beauty of a moonlit night. “Moonlight,” c. 1913–14, private collection.

Tom Thomson "Moonlight", 1915 (Canada, Post-Impressionism / Group of Seven, cent.