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Arm Knitting is fun and easy when you learn the right techniques with The Design Twins.

Arm Knitting Made Easy - You can knit this huge, soft, luxurious Merino Wool chunky knit throw in 3 hours or less with our help!

The perfect crochet project for beginners!

To help you out much and more we have collected these 20 super easy crochet beginner patterns to give you a nice and easy start for your crochet journey.

A Farm Fresh Chicken Egg stamp is a great way to personalize your backyard eggs from your own coop. There's a mini size just for your fresh eggs and larger customizable sizes for egg cartons, tags and labels. Rubber stamps can also say Fresh Eggs or Just Laid. Shop now at Southern Paper and Ink Custom Stamps.

Chickens are fun and loving creatures that also provide a constant supply of fresh eggs. However, you need to take proper care of them if you want to have a beautiful flock of happy and healthy chickens.