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These 20 Terrible Real Estate Photos Will Make You Appreciate Your Own Humble Abode: 20 Hilariously Terrible Real Estate Photos

These real estate agents must have lost their minds if they think these awful photos are going to help sell houses.


Well doesn't a dish called Meat Muscle Stupid Bean Sprouts just sound delicious?from 35 Hilarious Chinese Translation Fails

17.)  Try the Littlefinger sandwiches. They're to die for. -

"A Lannister always pays his coffee tab, House Grayjoy does not sip and House Tyrell is brewing strong, but only the Starks know that pastries are coming." Game of Scones - Neatorama

So true! haha!

Funny Movies Ecard: I blame Disney movies for making me believe singing fixes everything. <--- Although it doesn't fix everything, it does make me feel a lot better.