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70 Best DIY Fire Pits

70 Best DIY Fire Pits

There are DIY fire pits here for every budget, style and skill level so you are sure to find the perfect project for you!

Cute porch lights decor


Cute porch lights decor

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Backyard Lighting: 10 Beautiful Ideas ~ Bless My Weeds

Simple backyard lighting ideas. 10 beautiful ideas to light up your landscaping. Perfect inspiration for any homeowner. You can't miss these enlightening tips!


50 Diy Dry Creek Landscaping Ideas With Pictures!

Images and ideas for backyard landscaping and do it yourself projects to easily create dry creek and river bed designs that dress up your property.

What you need #Ponds

Recycled Tractor Tire Pond

If you are thinking about making a pond for your garden, here you can learn how to do it without any risks taken. For the isolation of the hole that you dog, you can use some PVC foil, but this has many drawbacks because it will become brittle, it is

Inviting Outdoor Living Spaces For Your Utmost Relaxation - Page 3 of 3 #outdoorsliving

Inviting Outdoor Living Spaces For Your Utmost Relaxation

These inviting outdoor living spaces can become your favorite spot for utmost relaxation and you won't want to leave them.