I'm Here For You

It can be really hard to say the right thing, but often times people just need to know that you care, and that yo

You Got This... Just Keep Swimming.

I spent one morning drawing this little guy while looking out at the ocean in Florida. Fear almost always keeps me out of the water (and lots of other things).

Wishing You All of the Luck!

All of the lucky charms came together to make this lucky little wish. Send someone all of the luck with a special handwritten note! Product Description: x

What if?

What if?

I'm So Sorry

:( Product Description: x horizontal folded greeting

Love Wins

This card is to celebrate love in all its many splendid forms! Use this card to celebrate a special relationship, a wedding, anniversary or simply encourage som

Embrace "Imprefection"

We know imperfect is spelled wrong. This card is to serve as a gentle reminder to LET GO. We can be so hard on ourselves, and we can often be paralyzed by