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Skeptics of the paranormal often make the argument that because no empirical evidence exists in favour of such things, no one can know for

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In the age of digital content hyper-saturation, marketing professionals have identified video as the key to breaking through the noise and reaching their target audience.

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The Mysterious Death of Zigmund Adamski: Alien Abduction or Crime?

The Peoria State Mental Hospital

The Peoria State Mental Hospital in Bartonville, Illinois was built in 1897 and during its peak housed up to 3000 patients in the facility’s 47

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You are home curled up alone watching tv. The doorbell rings. Getting up to answer it intending to politely tell the girl guides you do

Edward Mordake- the man with 2 faces

The second face couldn’t talk, but it could cry and smile. Edward begged doctors to remove his second face, claiming it whispered horrible things at night. No doctor dared to. Edward committed suicide when he was in his twenties.

10 Strangest Telephone Calls on Art Bell's Radio Shows

For those of you that do not know of him, Art Bell is an American Broadcaster often considered the pioneer of supernatural radio.

Boris Karloff: Tales of the Frightened - Paranormal Table

Boris Karloff: Tales of the Frightened - Paranormal Table