Natasha Parker

Natasha Parker

Natasha Parker
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Florida--California--Michigan--Illinois--ohio--New York--West Virginia--Ohio--Texas--Michigan--North Carolina--Costa Rica--Canada--

Florida--California--Michigan--Illinois--ohio--New York--West Virginia--Ohio--Texas--Maryland--South Carolina-- Arkansas--Kentucky--Arizona--New Mexico--

Iowa>>Indiana>>Arizona>>Alabama>>Kentucky>>Canada>> Florida<<Maine>>Washington>> California>>Tennessee>>Texas!✌️>>Illinois>>>mississippi>>>Melbourne>>back to Kentucky>>back to Kentucky again>>back to Iowa>>Pennsylvania:)>>Oregon!!!>>North Carolina >>Back To Canada>>

Iowa>>Indiana>>Arizona>>Alabama>>Kentucky>>Canada>> Florida<<Maine>>Washington>> California>>Tennessee>>Texas>>Illinois>>>mississippi>>>Melbourne>>back to Kentucky>>Buffalo>>Oregon>>Ohio>>South Carolina>>ontario>>>Maryland>>>>Massachusetts>>Nevada>>Alaska

Someone hit her with a chair! Break her bones! Avada Kedavra!

Stupid muggle, harry potter was made first idiot. And Sirius Black turns into a dog. A dog. The werewolf was Remus Lupin. Is there a Lupin in Twilight?

How can you not know you went to a school with Tom Felton!

Ohhh my god how could you not know that you went to school with FREAKING TOM FELTON? What did you just happen to forget that you went to school with the guy who played Draco FRICKING Malfoy or.