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Fallan Parker Didluck

Fallan Parker Didluck
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HERE'S GOES THE GANG! by Kayroos on DeviantArt

Finally I did the whole gang together! I love them all and they always make me cry of laughter when they play XD You are the best markiplier, there. HERE'S GOES THE GANG!

jackaboy's here. by DatWeirdoWhoLuvsMilk on DeviantArt

And there goes my heart. Now just let me sit in a corner and cry myself to death. *gross sobbing coming from the corner of the room*<<<*faint sounds of heart shattering🖤💔* haha I didn't need this any way * throws old broken shriveled up thing away*

… And an End. by dogbomber

(for real this time)Check out the rest of the cards (Spoilers)I’ll be posting the whole set in one post soon, after a few minor changes. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the series!