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a poster with the words, handful of details and an image of a pair of gloves
Handful of Details Poster
Alignment is when parts of the design lines up with each other. Do you make sure most parts line up? For me, this a very important part of design with text. Making sure objects and paragraphs are lined up well can make a design feel professional.
an image of a man in a suit sitting on a chair with his arms crossed
Graphic and Web Design Vernissage
I will be at the Vernissage of Graphic and Web Design for April 10th! The event will be going from 5 to 7 PM. I will have a booth to showcase the works I am proud of. There will also be other people from my year showcasing their work as well! There will be snacks and great graphic design to look at!
the everything symbols pack by leoboi
The Everything Symbols Pack
The Everything Symbols Pack is a mod from Rimworld Ideology DLC that adds in more icons for your Ideoligion. I had a great time making this mod. These can range from fairly well known media such as Borderlands straight to obscure games such as BattleTanx and Spiral Knights.
an orange and white brochure with pictures of people in it, including two women
Persona Booklet - Firebeer
With every company, it is important to know your target demographic. This includes knowing their needs, backgrounds, and general personality. A demographic of thousands is hard to wrap your head around, so they are condensed into a handful of representations. These act as the customer most ideal for your business.
a brochure with information about the course and how it is used to teach
Omnivox Instruction Manual
Here is a manual I made to help with the navigation of Omnivox, a service used by John Abbott College. It included a section on what was needed to be done to send in files through Lea, steps to register, and help with info on teachers and programs.
the water is crystal blue and green in this photo
Banff Springs Offshoot
Here is a picture I took of an offshoot of the Banff Springs. It has an interesting blue hue to the water and was taken during a sunny day.
the font and numbers used to make this poster are all in different styles, but it is
Colorable Workout Schedule
I was given an idea to make for my mom last year, and that was a workout schedule! Every month is listed on here along with how many days are within them. Choose any colored pencil, and fill in the days that you have worked out on!